"Art is the act of triggering deep memories, 
                                  of what it means to be fully human."
                                                                             - David Whyte, poet

Explore your individual creativity.  Your experience with us will be
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Updated Contact and Transition Information

The last six years have been quite a journey with many opportunities, challenges, and successes.  One of my goals in starting my businesses was to avoid contributing to the first five year small business failure statistic. Thanks to your business and support I was able to reach that goal.  That being said, the current economy and small business operating environment have made it difficult to reach revenue goals to sustain and grow my business.

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As IBM Turns 100 Years Old, is the PC Dying at 30?

What a week... IBM turns 100 years old, the desktop PC is just 30 years old as Apple predicts it's demise, and I... well... turn more than 30.  I have to own that because I've been fascinated by computers for longer than PC's have been around.  Today I read stories about technology on my phone, dig a little deeper from my easy chair on my tablet, and if I'm so inspired make my way to my laptop to type a few notes and thoughts back into the cloud.

As an architect and inhabitant of the cloud,  I'm nostalgic for the days when you could actually see computing happen.  There was a day when input came from cards and output came in the form of blinking lights.  Now calculations happen in my wristwatch on transistors unimaginably small to track the tic of one second and supercomputers compete at 32.4 petaFLOPS.  The 1964 EBCDIC Character set, shown on the card at right, was born the same year as me.  Time sure does fly.

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