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My Father's Passing

I'm sad to let you know that my Father passed away unexpectedly this past Wednesday.  You may know that he struggled with health issues from time to time over the years that I was in Business as Caesar Creative.  

I really appreciated your understanding and support at those times and appreciate your thoughts and prayers at this time.  He is now at peace and will have no more struggles in the loving care of the Lord.

Updated Contact and Transition Information

The last six years have been quite a journey with many opportunities, challenges, and successes.  One of my goals in starting my businesses was to avoid contributing to the first five year small business failure statistic. Thanks to your business and support I was able to reach that goal.  That being said, the current economy and small business operating environment have made it difficult to reach revenue goals to sustain and grow my business.

Warm Valentine Hearts Bring an Early Spring Thaw!

Ok, I promise you won't get hit up every other week with this newsletter, but I need to let you know about a couple of time sensitive items.  Due to scheduling issues, the chess lecture at Lone Wolf Coffee Company with Grand Master Ben Finegold has been postponed until at least next month.  I will let you know as soon as possible when dates firm up so you can plan to attend!

Snow Day!

If you are reading this in the midwest or northeastern United States, you most likely had a snow day like us today.  For our friends in California, Florida, Hawaii, and other moderate climate regions of the planet... do you have a sleeper sofa?

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