The Low Cost of Doing Things Right

How many times have you tried to cut corners on a project, resulting in poor results, re-work, or utter frustration without ever completing the project?  I know I've tried to work on the plumbing in my house to save a few skins (I am uniquely unqualified to do this) and ended up paying a plumber and water damage specialist at least three times more than the original plumbing bill would have been.

In many ways content management systems are like plumbing, and your online identity is like water running through it.  If there is a leak or break in the pipe things can get quite expensive very quickly!

The moral of the story?  Do things right to contain cost.  Don't overspend and don't underspend.  When you need a plumber call a specialist with a reputation for doing things right.  The old phrase holds true even in the cloud, you can pay me now... or you can pay me later.