One Week Web Service 50% Payment

This covers the 50% downpayment required to reserve a seven day slot to receive one week web service.  Balance is due on delivery or payment plans are available. This service is provided at fixed price and scope and provides everything you need to get started with professional content management.

The following list of features are the items we know from experience that you will need to be successful with your web presence.  The service is delivered based on a refined checklist of things we need to do, and skills you need to learn, in order to be online gathering your audience in seven calendar days or less!

Need More Features?  Get everything listed here plus multimedia capability and a highly customized user experience with our Two Week Web service, or take your products directly to the web masses with our Three Week Web service.

Download the attached pdf to view all features and options.

$850 - fixed

Establishes your professional content management system (CMS) on our trusted hosts. Live in 7 days or lessAsk us about hosting options and specs.  Built on open source (FREE) software platform supported by bright programmers all over the planet. This environment is very secure and very scalable.

One calendar week project duration with your part time involvement as well as ours.  Detailed help files and an expert dedicated to your project’s success make this an easy and fun process!


  • Welcome page
  • News feed
  • Blog with comments
  • Events page or Calendar
  • About Page
  • Contact Page


  • User Registration
  • Social Networking support
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • image upload and embed
  • Friendly URL’s
  • Basic custom theme


Price: $425.00
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