What is the Future of Web Design?

I'll take crystal ball for $500 Alex!  We are still so early in the evolution of the internet that the original concept of the "World Wide Web" will soon seem... well... quaint.  The internet is less a web of interconnected pages and more a network of interconnected people and data.

We don't just browse anymore, we google, we blog, we tweet, and we read.  We used to have handles and avatars, now we use our real names as "friends" with a very vivid digital reputation following us around. We live, work, and die in the cloud.

Speakers at the Future of Web Design conference in New York were recently asked "what's dead on the web".  They see the demise of static websites, flash, and the web itself.  That last one sounds weird but is so on the money!  The word "Web" doesn't really cover it anymore. 

View their comments here:

Future of Web Design NY 2010 - Part Two from (mt) Media Temple on Vimeo.

I've been observing and participating in this evolution for over 15 years and I can say my concept of the web is much different today than when I first downloaded and launched netscape navigator all those years ago.

Web design and technology have evolved and so have the technologists.  We can finally take off our wizard hats, step from behind the black curtain, and get some really powerful stuff done quickly.

Paul Boag got the future of web design right two years ago when asked the same question.  He describes a change in how designers interact with clients.  Rather than working with someone every few years to build a bigger better website, we need to have an ongoing more interactive relationship as designers and business people delivering great consumer experiences.



The future of "web design", in my opinion, is no longer relevent.  The future of the internet is about software development and integration getting out of the way of graphic design.  The future is about engaging experts and making ongoing investments in how we use the vast evolving set of tools on the internet.