So... You're Not Our Friend Then?

We recently took a snow day to officially boot up caesar creative's social network. If you like our page... we'll like you even more. If you haven't seen any of the South Park facebook stuff, watch this short clip. The title of this post will make much more sense after you watch it!

Drupal 7 Launch Party!

Ok, so maybe you don't love Drupal enough to throw it a party... yet.  The long awaited Drupal 7 release is live and we have been working hard throughout its development cycle to stay up to speed.  We didn't throw an actual party, but we've been celebrating the great new features and performance improvements in this major upgrade.

We can't offer Drupal 7 under the ONE-WEEK-WEB program quite yet but we can propose an upgrade under our website evaluation service.  Contact Us for more details about Drupal 7, the ONE-WEEK-WEB family of services, and website evaluation.  Who knows, maybe we'll even throw a party and invite you!

The What, When, and Why of Drupal

Drupal is a powerful CMS (Content Management System) designed to be modular, secure, and ultimately flexible.  It is not as friendly to set up as some other systems but you have us to worry about that part for you.  After mastering a few basic skills you will love what you can accomplish very quickly with the CMS we can put together for you.  These tools make your content shine for website visitors AND the search engines.

Taste of Saint Louis 2010 PSA

We created a public service announcement for the award winning Taste of Saint Louis event this year!  The PSA aired on local NBC affiliate KSDK channel 5 and features our own King Slim on the voiceover.

The Taste of St. Louis was voted second place for "Best Food Festival" in AAA Midwest Traveler's Best of the Midwest 2010, along side American Royal Barbecue (first place) and the Taste of Chicago (third place). Not too shabby!

Keller Williams Kids

We helped Keller announce his new "Kids" album on September 30th.  If you have kids... are a kid at heart... or like goats... check it out at:

We developed an HTML5 based goat orchestra for Keller as well... featuring our own King Slim on lead goat.  Go there! 

Bluesweek PSA and Press Conference

We were on the scene with to attend and video the Saint Louis Blues Week News conference on Thursday August 5th.  There was a major traffic accident on that day so the local media were not able to cover the news conference.  We got the scoop and here is the coverage of this important announcement of events surrounding Saint Louis BLUESWEEK.  The first clip is a condensed version, the second the full Press Conference, followed by a 30 second PSA announcing the opening weekend festival.


2010 U.S. Chess Championship

For the second year running, caesar creative is a major sponsor and supporter of the U.S. Chess Championship hosted by the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.  We were again responsible for all internet coverage of this event and made sure all the moves were relayed to the world and news was easy to access.

Steal a Free Single From Keller!

Music phenom Keller Williams recently saddled up with husband and wife bluegrass duo Larry and Jenny Keel to record an album with covers of Amy Whinehouse to the Butthole Surfers. 

Caesar Creative joined their posse to help get the word out on Keller's Website.  We've helped manage his website since last summer. The page went live on 5/5/10 and the album will be released later in May.

Caesar Sings the Blues in St. Louis and Around the World!

As part owner and big fan of, we are proud to help promote our local music scene to an international audience!  STLBlues is a "Keeping The Blues Alive" recipient and an internationally recognized resource for blues reviews and history.  

Caesar Creative collaborates with to produce a local print music guide in conjunction with the the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission.  The Pocket Guide highlights the best in local music venues, attractions, and festivals.  It is distributed at Lambert St. Louis International airport, CVC visitors centers, and at St. Louis' top music venues.

Contact us for information about advertising in the live music guide and/or online at  The spring 2010 version is almost sold out and will go to production soon.  Catch more information about STLBlues on KDHX radio during their community calendar segments, and help us keep the St. Louis Blues alive!

Saint Louis Catholic Family Services Website Overhaul

We have just completed a major overhaul and upgrade of Saint Louis Catholic Family Services' website. The redesign includes dynamic news items, calendar, photo gallery, and foreign language translation. Most of the site is in english at launch but we are translating popular content to Spanish, Bosnian, and Vietnamese. This will be a great service for the diverse population of Saint Louis!

Check out the site in english at or spanish at