Warm Valentine Hearts Bring an Early Spring Thaw!

Ok, I promise you won't get hit up every other week with this newsletter, but I need to let you know about a couple of time sensitive items.  Due to scheduling issues, the chess lecture at Lone Wolf Coffee Company with Grand Master Ben Finegold has been postponed until at least next month.  I will let you know as soon as possible when dates firm up so you can plan to attend!

If you have 30 minutes for a phone call tomorrow at 9AM Central (Tuesday, Feb. 15 - GMT +0600), I will be interviewed by Dr. Alice Vlietstra on the topic "Strength Based Co-Creativity:  Building a Website that Works for you.".  You will find details about the call and a description at the end of this email.

We recently launched Dr. Alice's content management system combining several years of outstanding content from different web properties into one website architecture, with one password!  Thanks to Dr. Alice we finally have language to describe what we do best, Co-Creativity!

If you don't have time for the call, let me know that you are interested and I will forward information about how to hear the interview online.  Visit http://lifetreesolutions.com to find out more about how Dr. Alice is helping families and individuals cope and succeed in these stressful economic times.  She specializes in helping family owned businesses thrive peacefully, and in helping individuals identify their core strengths to increase their chances for success.  Dr. Alice is a prolific blogger and I promise you will enjoy reading her!

Read our take on the co-creative process and catch more of Dr. Alice's insight in a comment (the only comment... hint... hint) on our full welcome page at:

Enjoy the early spring if it is has manifested at your spot on the planet, and Happy Valentines Day!

Craig Caesar
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Have you ever been overwhelmed with the many new advances with technology? Then come join us for a teleconference for a very different view. Tomorrow, I will be sharing with you the difference between a "Strength-Based Co-Creative Partnership approach." and a "Hire the Expert" approach to working with technology.  I will be interviewing Craig Caesar on using strength based teamwork to help you build a website that works for you.


Tuesday, February 15 9:00-9:30 CST

Dial up (760)-569-9000 Access Code 308311#


Join us for an interview with Craig Caesar of Caesar Creative

*Learn how to work with technology in a way that honors your strengths and meets your unique needs.

*Find professional expertise to create a website that you can manage.

*Discover the power of systems that develop over time depending on your business needs and what works for you.

Craig is a seasoned technology professional with experience in many aspects of connecting people with technology. His team is founded on that experience and enriched by creative young talent using open source technology to deliver cutting edge solutions.


Dr. Alice 


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