"Art is the act of triggering deep memories, 
                                  of what it means to be fully human."
                                                                             - David Whyte, poet

Explore your individual creativity.  Your experience with us will be
unique and personalized, we are co-creative, we are caesar creative!

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So what is co-creation?  The concept was first  introduced by C K Prahalad and Venkat Ramaswamy in their 2000 Harvard Business Review article, Co-Opting Customer Competence.  They developed their arguments further in a book published by Harvard Business School Press, The Future of Competition.

In that article they assert that "deregulation, globalization, technological convergence, and the rapid evolution of the Internet have blurred the roles that companies play".  Companies don't just test products and services internally and present them shrink wrapped to customers in the new business environment.  They build value into every customer interaction by learning more about their specific customer needs, to provide a uniquely valuable experience to each customer.

Our customers learn from us through step by step instruction which helps them make good decisions about how to utilize technology "the right way".  We learn from customers that our idea of what they need isn't always the thing they actually need today.  Together we develop the right solution to solve their biggest problems today within their budget, with a clear strategy for taking things to the next level when time and budget allows. 

We didn't develop the concept or publish it, but we've lived and worked it every day since our founding in 2006.  We learn from our customers, our customers learn from us, and together we create unique value for each other as a result of every project.  

One tangible result of this approach is our week by week web service.  We know what customers need to get started on the web the right way for a low fixed cost and we can deliver that in 7 calendar days or less.  We work with our customers to build exactly what they need when they need it, and as a result have built co-creativity into everything we do!

You don't have to be a harvard business school graduate, or even read their scholarly articles, to experience this first hand.  Contact us to learn more.  We'll put you in touch with customers that have experienced this approach first hand.  They are our best marketing message and our most valuable asset.  This is co-creative, this is caesar creative!